Weathered Rock Mold

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  • Description

    Make rocks where wind and water has battered the rock formations, such as water areas, deserts, canyons and more. Mold is flexible and reusable.

    Rocks range in size from smallest: 1 3/8" L x 1" W x 1/4" H to largest: 6 1/8" L x 4 3/8" W x 1" H

  • Make Rocks

    Model Realistic Rocks - Tips & Techniques

    How To Color Tunnel Portals, Retaining Walls and Culverts

    Kim walks you through the easy process of using Earth Colors Liquid Pigments to color culverts, retaining walls and tunnel portals realistically.

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    Safety Warning

    -Model making product. Not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years!

    -Produit pour le modélisme. Pas un jouet! Pas adapté aux enfants de moins de 14 ans!

    -Producto para modelismo. No es un juguete! No adecuado para niños menores de 14 años!

    -Modellbauartikel. Kein Spielzeug! Nicht geeigent für Kinder unter 14!

    • Approximately how many rocks from a Rock Mold will 1/2 gallon of Hydrocal make?

      A 1/2 gallon carton of Lightweight Hydrocal® will yield approximately 14 medium-sized rocks.
      The actual number of rock castings will depend on which Rock Mold is used and how full it is filled. For example, Rock Mold Strata or Classic and a 1/2 gallon of Lightweight Hydrocal will yield 8-10 full-pour rocks.
      Hydrocal® is a U.S. Gypsum registered trademark.

    • What is the best way to clean rock molds after use?

      An old toothbrush, warm soapy water and a bit of light scrubbing will take dried hydrocal right off.

    • What is the dry quantity of lightweight hydrocal needed to cast one rock in a rock mold?

      Rock castings can be made from the following Woodland Scenics plaster products: Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster (C1201), Super Strength Plaster (C1199), Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180), and Carving Plaster (C1198).
      Fill the Rock Mold with water, and then pour the water into a measuring cup. Measure the amount of water and divide by two. This is the amount of water you will add to the Plaster. Times the water amount by 2.5 to find the amount of Plaster you will need.
      Example: Rock Mold holds 4 fluid ounces of water.
      4 fluid ounces divided by 2 = 2 fluid ounces.
      2 fluid ounces times 2.5 = 5 fluid ounces.
      Add 5 fluid ounces of Plaster to 2 fluid ounces of water. Prepare Plaster per instructions on carton.

    • There is too much black wash on my rocks, can I lighten or remove the black wash and rock coloring?

      Yes, the black wash can be lightened, as long as it has not been sealed already with Scenic Cement. Flood-spray the casting with hot salt water (1 tsp in 6 fluid oz of hot water). Wait one minute, and spray again if needed. Dab with paper towels to remove the liquid. The base colors will remain on the rock, but the coloring will be much lighter.
      If you would like to start over completely, paint the casting with White Earth Colors Liquid Pigment. Dilute the White Pigment 1:1 with water.
      When satisfied with the coloring on your casting, spray with Scenic Cement to seal the colors and let dry.

      Click here to learn how to lighten rock castings when the wash is too dark.

    • What are Woodland Scenics Rock Molds made out of?

      Rock Molds are made of a non-latex polymer.

    • Can I use Shaper Sheet Plaster in your rock molds?

      Yes. Shaper Sheet Plaster provides excellent detail when used as a casting plaster.

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